NHS: Barts Health

eCPD, a cross platform app available on iOS, Android and Windows enabling NHS staff to complete the latest training modules.

Bart’s Health (NHS) required a dynamic system to facilitate up to date professional development within their team. As it stood, it was a manual process to ensure that up to 8 thousand members of staff were keeping up to date with the necessary training. This involved manual administration; printing, posting, content writing, receiving, marking and providing feedback to track staff development.

eCPD NHS training iOS app

Red C designed and developed a content management service, providing an internal NHS e-learning platform.

The app allows anybody to access the backend system and create tests, modules, and courses for all staff to access, which are then approved by the administrators to encourage an open sourced e-learning environment.

eCPD NHS training mobile app

eCPD has been extremely well received in the medical community and is helping to provide students with additional training across many different areas of speciality.

Red C are preparing for 2 additional versions; eQPD, and a version of this app dedicated to quality assurance.

eCPD in the Apple App Store

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