Disrupting Foreign Currency Exchange

Centtrip are a multi-award winning foreign currency service, providing companies and individuals with an easy way to manage their international transactions. Red C are currently in the process of developing an app to make Centtrip’s service mobile, essential for a customer base always on-the-go.

Centtrip Foriegn Currency Exchange App

The app will assist Centtrip users in managing multiple currencies across their Centtrip cards and account. Within the app users will be able to view their account transactions, top up their card or account and buy and sell up to 14 different currencies. Due to the sensitive nature of the financial data in the app, PIN lock and Touch ID security features are standard.

We have brought our experience in developing financial apps to the project and we are excited about the launch date.

Our most recent financial app was developed on behalf of lending service SafetyNet Credit, which again required a high level of security and enabled users to make and view transactions.

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