The Significance of Mobile App Optimisation

Where there is technology there are going to be updates; they go without saying in a technical world that is developing and expanding at the rate that ours is. And with updates come several consequences for apps. Importantly the need to stay ahead of the game with app optimisation.

Apps are built for a certain software, the fundamentals of which can potentially change with an update- if this happens the app is going to need optimising for the new technology. Not only this, but optimisation encompasses optimising the presentation of the app for a certain size screen, for example optimising the app for a tablet screen. Apps built for the iPhone 4S are going to look even worse on the iPhone 6; if this is the case with your app then it is time to have a refresh.

In reference to iOS, in the past an update has been no big deal for apps in the iStore. However now because of the diverse size of screens, ranging from the iPhone 4S to the hefty new iPhone 6+, Apple have had to refresh the software on which developers develop an app. iOS8 framework ensures that apps are made differently, with sizes developed as percentages opposed to the specific number of megapixels, meaning the app can still look sharp no matter what phone device it is used on. Although the aspect ratio for the iPhone 6 remains the same as previous models, the iPhone 6+  uses a new Retina HD display with a different screen scale therefore it is advised to include new image assets designed for this screen scale.

If an app is built for a phone, there is still of course the need to optimise for tablet screens, however Red C have been doing that for years and know how to quickly and efficiently reshape coded designs to optimise user experience. If you are thinking about utilising the growing tablet market by optimising your app for tablets, get in touch with us now for a free consultation.

Our developers, like all others, have had to familiarise themselves with Apple’s new Swift programming language which is the default for new Xcode 6 projects. There is a plethora of new features to be explored, ready to be incorporated into bigger and better apps. On this, it is important to know that there have been some changes to the App Store Review Guidelines that need to be considered to avoid your app getting rejected. A special mention goes to the new Healthkit and Homekit Framework.

Red C are experts in app development and know the do’s and don’ts of app store submission as well as how to optimise your app accordingly. Whether it is for an updated software or optimising for a larger screen, Red C can help ensure your app is optimised for all possible situations.

November 18, 2015
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