At Red C we have a wealth of experience in mobile app development and our portfolio is diverse. So too are our clients, who range from start-ups to charities to larger corporate companies. The diversity of our projects and the technical challenges they bring, has put us in the best position to guide you through the development process. Find out more about the services we offer below.

Mobile App Development

Red C's extensive experience from enterprise apps to startups makes us the ideal company to take on the crucial development stage of your project. Our team are multi-platform experts, meaning we can offer our services across the iOS, Android, Windows, websites and now Smartwatches. 

Website Development

Red C's extensive experience dates back to being a website development company over a decade ago, so you can be safe in the knowledge your website is in expert hands.

Design and Branding

Users respond to aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly apps. Prior to development, Red C offers a number of bespoke packages from demo apps to full branding and designs, ensuring your app appeals to its target audience and stands out within the crowded app stores.

Marketing and Maintenance

Red C spans far beyond design and coding. We understand that obtaining a user base is crucial and offer an extensive marketing package, App+. Alongside app marketing, Red C's hosting and maintenance services ensure your app is working to the best of its ability.

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