Mobile App Development

iPhone and iPad

Red C are experts in building custom-made iPhone and iPad apps. Our dedicated team have successfully submitted over 150 apps into the Apple App store, we are fully proficient when it comes to understanding iOS, screen sizes and technical features. We also are experienced in developing enterprise apps which integrate with companies API’s. Red C will ensure your app meets Apple's stringent review process and that is submitted into the store the first time. Find out more about the features we offer across the iOS platform.

Android and Tablet

With nearly 80% of the European population on Android, it is crucial that your app is optimised for the hundreds of varying devices and screen sizes. Red C love the Android platform and are fanatical about utilising all its functionalities to create the highest quality custom-made apps. We make sure to keep abreast of all the latest Android technologies and offer our services across all phones, watches and tablets. Find out more about our Android features.


As well as the more obvious app platforms such as iOS and Android, Red C have an entire team dedicated to Windows app development. With Nokia backing Windows phones the platform is gaining market share. At Red C, your app is in the hands of the experts, we have had training at Microsoft on the best practice for Windows designs. Find out more about the Windows features.

SmartWatch App

Red C have been following the launch of Smartwatches closely and are pleased to extend our full package to the Smartwatch platform.

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